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Archives of Transport System Telematics2009-12-22 10:07:22

T. DĘBSKI: Challenges for logistics in the pinnacle of motorsports - Formula 13
J. FIGURA: Integration of logistic services quality in telematics8
J. KISILOWSKI, J. ZALEWSKI: Chosen problems of examination of car stability14
Z. KLEPACKI, A. MAJKA: Comparative analysis of light transport aircraft usefulness from the point of view of direct operating cost and fuel consumption 19

Z. KLEPACKI, A. MAJKA: European airports usefulness analysis to develop European Personal Air Transportation System (EPATS)

R. KRUK, B. BARTOSIK: Review of the current situation of TSI TAP implementation in Poland30
U. LEINBERGER: Electronic tolling schemes – integrated platform for toll collection and value added services 34
M. MARKIEWICZ, M. SKOMOROWSKI: A system for monitoring and analysis of vehicular traffic39
C. HERNANDEZ MEDEL, M. A. MARTINEZ OLAGÜE, A. MAR: Advanced fleet management systems for public transport42
V. MIKOLAJEK: Monitoring of diesel-electric locomotives - fleeteye-rail47
J. MIKULSKI, K. KĘDZIORA: Political plans of toll collection in Poland 50
J. MŁYŃCZAK, K. KĘDZIORA: The European information system for travellers RDS-TMC56
G. NOWACKI: History and development of transport telematics61
M. A. MARTINEZ OLAGÜE, J. COSMEN- SCHORTMANN: GNSS technologies for electronic toll collection68
T. STUPAK, R. WAWRUCH: Utilisation of the databases for maritime safety control73
J. SZPYTKO, P. HYLA: Intelligent management technology of transport system77

V. KMET, K. RASTOCNY: Guarantee of constant train approach warning time at level crossing system7
M. FRANEKOVÁ, P. CHRTIANSKY: Key Management System in ETCS12
W. OLPIŃSKI: Execution of contradictory commands in automatic line block system17
Z. BĚLINOVÁ, P BUREŠ: Study of standards and national ITS architectures within the E-FRAME project23
P. DAVIES, K. VIRSHBO: CARS (Condition Acquisition Reporting System) and the CARS Group28
V. GAVRILYUK, A. ZAVGORODNIJ, A. MYRGORODSKA: Computer simulation of electromagnetic interference from railway electric power system harmonics33
A. NOVÁK SEDLÁČKOVÁ: Air law and economic policy 38
J. LECHNER: Computer-based interlocking 43

K. LUBIENIECKA- KOCOŃ: Military identifi cation technologies in civil applications7
P. TRÓMIŃSKI, P. ZADRĄG: Monitoring and managing systems based on GPS in the land and air communication11
V. DUB, V. GAVRILYUK: Development of neural network programme for automated testing of railway contact blocks16
J. PEKÁROVÁ, A. KALAŠOVÁ: Human factor as an important ITS element19
I. OLIVKOVÁ: Application of transport telematics in the cities23
Z. ŠITAVANCOVÁ, M. HÁJEK: Transport Research Knowledge Center27
M. SVÍTEK: The safe access control into ITS distributed databases 34
A. BIAŁOŃ, P. GRADOWSKI: Low market density lines for ERTMS regional system 37
S. SURMA: Network safety in railroad traffi c control systems 41

T. BUDNY: Reliability structure of the vessel traffi c services in the Gulf of Gdansk3
M. BUKLJAŠ SKOČIBUŠIĆ, N. JOLIĆ, I. KOZINA: Characteristics of multimodal transport regarding economic factors8
P. DAVIES, K. VIRSHBO: Modes: bringing multi-modal information to the ITS architecture13
T. SERDYUK, V. GAVRILYUK: Automated measurement of rail circuits parameters and harmonics of return tractive current to improve safety of movement17
K. RÁSTOČNÝ, M. FRANEKOVÁ: Analyses of safety-related message transmission22
A. KALAŠOVÁ: Externalities and their infl uence on safety27
O. ANTEMIJCZUK, K. A. CYRAN, E. WRÓBEL: Application of Polarx3 receiver in Egnos data collection network31
J. MIKULSKI, J. MŁYŃCZAK: Engine power factors monitoring 37

J. FLORCZAK: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in transportation3
H. GUT-MOSTOWY: Upgrading eCall system by its closer co-operation with selected ITS subsystems7
G. NOWACKI, I. MITRASZEWSKA, T. KAMIŃSKI, A. NIEDZICKA: National Automatic Toll Collection System for motorways, expressways and other roads13
T. BÉCSI, S. ARADI: Possibilities of telemonitoring systems in railway traffic20
G. MBIYDZENYUY: Characterization framework for road transport telematic services24
F. CATALÁN RAMOS, I. PRIETO VALDERREY, A. HERNÁNDEZ-BAJO: Railway geolocation and communication-management platforms31
A. JANOTA, J. SPALEK, J. ŠEBEŇOVÁ: Development trends and risks of railroad crossings 37

S. OLSZOWSKI: The methods of diagnosis of the innovatory management systems in cars4
A. MICHALIK,  R. BOBIŃSKI: Health problems in passengers undertaking long-haul flights – JET LAG


D. KEVICKÝ,  A. NOVAK: CNS and wind farm12
J. KOSZELEW,  A. PIWOŃSKA: Tunning Parameters of Evolutionary Algorithm in Travelling Salesman Problem with Profits and Returns17
M. BOLKOVÁ, M. BOLEK: Analysis of integrated transport system influence on the region
A. BANACHOWICZ, A. WOLSKI: Multi-sensor navigational measurements fusion29
K. JAMROZIK,  J. BOHATKIEWICZ: Traffic calming as one of the methods of traffic management, as illustrated by the “Dutch Town” project in Pulawy34
J. DICOVÁ, J. ONDRUŠ: Road charging in urban areas in the middle-size city39
K. BANASZEK, A. FELLNER, P. TRÓMIŃSKI, P. ZADRĄG: NPA GNSS essential step for the lun implementation and the chance for the air regional transport45


J. BARTCZAK: A preliminary ethical analysis of ITS applications


P. DERBEK, P. HRUBEĹ : Traffic Emission Mapping with Toll System Assistance8
J. KABAROWSKI: Applying ad hoc algorithms for highway traffic management
Z. KASPRZYK: The methodology of maintainability and reliability prediction of technical objects18
M. MACIEJEWSKI: GIS-based traffic flow simulation visualization for TRANSIMS24
A. NOVÁK SEDLÁČKOVÁ : Economic regulation of airports in Slovakia after Directive 2009/12/EC on airport charges29
M. RYCHTER: Functioning of Digital Tachograph System in Country of UE34
R. FIGURA,  L. SZYCHTA: Pumping energy consumption in water transportation systems40
H. ŚNIEGOCKI, M. WIELIKI: Possibility of integration of navigational information on electronic chart


M. KADLUBEK: SWOT analysis of the hire or reward road cargo transport companies in Poland4
P. NAGY,  J. Ĺ˝DÁNSKY: Lighting device parameters influence on signal circuit safety in interlocking systems
A. NOVÁK,  D. KEVICKÝ: Flight inspection of aircraft at the University of Zilina14
K. OKARMA,  P. MAZUREK: Reducing the Impact of Stroboscopic Effect on the Results of Vehicles’ Plate Recognition Using Super-Resolution Techniques by Non-Coherent Camera Triggering19
T. PALCZYNSKI,  Z. PAWELSKI: Onboard Unit (Obu) in an ITS System on the Basis of Coopers Project25
A. PATLINS,  N. KUNICINA: Integrated Control Tools Development for Sustainable City Transport System32
K. RÁSTOČNY,  J. ILAVSKÝ,  P. NAGY: Transport safety of Ĺ˝SR level crossings39
M. STAWOWY: Reliability of data obtained from video systems of traffic surveillance46
B. SCHIERECK: Road user protection via intelligent camera surveillance52
M. DĘBOWSKA-MRÓZ,  E. SZYCHTA: GPS use to determine accurate speed56

J. BOHATKIEWICZ,  K. JAMROZIK,  S. BIERNACKI: Dynamic Traffic Management Systems on A4 Motorways4
M. FRANEKOVÁ,  T. ONDRAĹ INA,  J. Ä˝UPTÁK,  P. VESTENICKÝ: Possibilities of industrial Ethernet usage in safety critical applications8
V. GAVRILYUK, A. ZAVGORODNYJ: Statistical analysis of electromagnetic interference between AC traction current and track circuits14
N. HANDKE: Possibilities and duties of ITS for large events19
T. KAMIŃSKI, I. MITRASZEWSKA, G. NOWACKI, M. NIEZGODA, R. GRZESZCZYK: Implementation Problems of Automatic Emergency Information System - eCall23
K. LUBIENIECKA - KOCOŃ: AI and IQ- the Comparison and the Measuring Methods27
P. MAZUREK,  K. OKARMA: Application of the HDR imaging in vehicles’ video tracking systems32
A. POTAPOVS, M. GOROBETZ, A. LEVCHENKOV: Interaction of Real and Embedded Devices for Intelligent Control of City Electric Transport37
B. E. RATHOUSKY: Role of Fleet Controlling in Logistics42
M. SZTANDKIE: Usage of Infrared Camera in Active Safety Systems47
T. ZELINKA, M. SVITEK, T. STAREK, Z. LOKAJ: Service quality management in multipath access solutions for transport telematics solution53





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