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Artykuły :: Telematics :: ATST

Application of the HDR imaging in vehicles’ video tracking systems
2011-06-27 14:53:07

Faculty of Motor Transport, Higher School of Technology and Economics in Szczecin, Klonowica 14, 71-244 Szczecin, Poland,

Application of the HDR imaging in vehicles’ video tracking systems

vehicles’ tracking, High Dynamic Range images, Intelligent Transportation Systems

Video systems are used in Intelligent Transportation Systems for vehicles’ tracking. Cameras typically used in these systems are characterized by relatively low dynamic range which is only a fragment of the dynamic range of the human eye. In order to adapt to the lighting conditions the cameras feature dynamic changes of the gain and exposure.  For vehicles there is a very wide range of the observed brightness of details because of the variety of vehicles’ colors and the presence of elements reflecting light in different ways, as well as changing lighting conditions. This means that even if the camera is able to capture the relevant dynamic range, there is a restriction of the distinguishability of details, which is essential in the process of detecting the location of vehicles. The use of HDR imaging techniques based on various exposures helps to increase the dynamic range and improves the accuracy of vehicles’ positions estimation.

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